When you start your care with Family Home Health Care, we begin by reviewing all your loved one’s needs.  We will schedule a time to meet with involved family members and when necessary, consult with the physician(s) of the care recipient, social workers, hospitals, or nursing home staff.  Our expert team will be available to answer all of your questions.  During this meeting, you will meet with the Medical Social Worker, Registered Nurse, and Care Coordinator.  Our goal at this first meeting is to get a comprehensive understanding of your health and wellness needs.  We work closely with family members to develop an independent home care services program.

Once we understand what you require to maintain safety, stability, and comfort in your living environment, we start the process of matching your needs to a carefully selected group of experienced caregivers.  We want you and your loved ones to understand that you are part of the selection process.  We bring the caregivers to your home so you can decide if the caregiver is a good match.

Once you have selected your caregiver and have started your services, we routinely check to ensure the care plan is working and that your needs are being addressed.  We do this by personalized contact through the telephone, e-mails, and personal home visits by the social worker, if desired.  We are always in contact with the caregiver to make sure the care plan is working and that your needs are being met.

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